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•   Mattie Fowler (McCartney)  10/4
•   Annette Wells (Schmidt)  10/3
•   Patricia Jackson (Savely)  10/3
•   Catherine Small (Livingston)  10/3
•   Dana Plamann  10/3
•   Janice Goodgion (Naylor)  10/2
•   Vicki Parsons (Crites)  10/2
•   Julie Fox (Hall)  9/30
•   Kim Dumford  9/30
•   Steve House  9/19
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•   Frank Garcia  2019
•   Charles Fisch  2011
•   Randy Emel (Pace)  2017
•   Gary Shaffer  2016
•   Winfred (Gene) Thorburn  2018
•   Pam Holmes (Slaughter)  2006
•   Tom Hamilton  2018
•   James Edward Preston  2015
•   Edward Dicks  2015
•   Elijah Haley  2018
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Who lives where - click links below to find out.

2 live in Alabama
9 live in Arizona
11 live in California
13 live in Colorado
2 live in Florida
2 live in Georgia
2 live in Idaho
1 lives in Indiana
2 live in Iowa
112 live in Kansas
1 lives in Massachusetts
1 lives in Minnesota
9 live in Missouri
1 lives in Nebraska
1 lives in New Mexico
1 lives in New York
1 lives in North Carolina
6 live in Oklahoma
2 live in Oregon
1 lives in Pennsylvania
1 lives in South Carolina
1 lives in South Dakota
1 lives in Tennessee
10 live in Texas
2 live in Utah
1 lives in Virginia
6 live in Washington
2 live in Wisconsin
1 lives in Wyoming
380 location unknown
86 are deceased


•   Deborah Dorian (Ochs)  11/16
•   Jack Sosebee  11/19
•   Gary Hatfield  11/25
•   Barbara (Susie) Huff (Mikesell)  11/25
•   Larry Gardner  11/26
•   Della Lomax (Powers)  11/27
•   Mary Blackwood (Careyette)  12/3
•   Bonnie Dickeson (Roark)  12/4
•   Stephanie Monson (Jennings)  12/5
•   Bonnie Walker (Schroeder)  12/5
•   Debbie Breit (Kieffer)  12/6
•   Karen McBride (Harman)  12/7
•   Barbara Yarnell (Chamberlin)  12/14


Percentage of Joined Classmates: 36.0%

A:   215   Joined
B:   383   Not Joined


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North High School
Class of 1969

      50 Year Reunion

September Newsletter



                    Unofficial Brunch/Breakfast OCT 6

*** The information shown in this FAQ page is in response to questions which have been asked recently.

     Please contact Julie Fox Hall ( or Janie Lewis Holt (            if other info would be helpful.

Special Note: Guest book will be available for signing at various events: Friday-Golf &Mixer, Saturday-North day & Hotel evening. Please offer the thoughts, memories, and comments you would like to share with your classmates. 

1. School Sponsored Events: Pep Rally, All School Reunion Activities, Hall of Fame & Reception will all occur at North. All activities are well attended by previous graduates and it is a lot of fun to run into others you haven’t seen in a while.

• Parking at North: FYI, you will need to enter school thru one of the doors on East side of building.  

• Friday Pep Rally: On East side you can park on Rochester and lots on Northeast corner of Rochester and 13th. 

• Saturday All School Reunion: Same as above. Although parking lot to south of school is generally for staff, the lot should be available Saturday for visitors.


2. Travelers: Hotel at Old Town, 830 East First Street North

• Cut-off date for discounted room rate is Friday, August 30.

• Check in 3:00 PM; Check out Noon

• May cancel reservation by 4:00 pm on day of stay without charge

• Door located on East side of Hotel (Mosley St.) easiest entrance for dropping luggage

• Parking Garage North of Hotel Entrance on Mosley St.

• ATM available in lobby of hotel (cash for auction!)

• Please see Number 12 below: Sunday Breakfast available to those staying at hotel and also open to the public

Recent Wichita Developments:

• How about a little “Draggin’ Douglas” during the reunion weekend? East on Douglas to Sandy’s at Grove then back west to McLean, make a U turn and do it all again. And again. See how downtown ICT has changed, and see how many businesses/buildings you can identify that were our previous haunts.

• For info on fun places to go, shop, or eat in Old Town, please visit: Lots of options close or within walking distance of hotel.


3. Jack’s North High Carryout: At this time it appears it is not open for business.


4. 10/4  Golf: Sim Park, 2020 W Murdock St

Tee Time 10:00 AM. Please plan on arriving early (for introductions-Ha!), snacks/drinks,

and drawing for teams. 

• Format will be Four Person Scramble.


5. 10/4 Pep Assembly: North High, Old Gym (Pit Gym). Enter from Rochester (east) side.

• Please Note: We have been given start times of both 2:10 PM and 2:30 PM. Since this is a school sponsored event and very popular, we are suggesting that classmates use the 2:10 PM. Assembly only lasts one hour. Chairs are located on the floor of the court for alumni, and we will try to all sit together as much as possible. Come early! Bring ear plugs! It’s a blast!

• We will bring a sign on a yardstick with 1969 displayed on it so we will be able to locate each other in the crowd. Look for the sign!

• It has been warmish (temperature-wise) in the gym during the assembly. You may want to dress in layers. And of course, you will fit right in with anything RED. Clothes, hat, scarf. You name it!


6. 10/4 Football Game at Heights Field, 5301 N. Hillside

• As far as we know, there is no charge or slight ($3.00?) charge for admission.

• Event generally has average attendance, so parking and locating seats together should not be a problem. We can hand off the 1969 sign from the Pep Assembly to someone going to football game, if helpful. : )

• The Tailgate Party: It appears a specific parking lot designated for Tailing has been discontinued. Maybe a peek at Class Creator to see who is coming to the game will inspire our own 1969 Tailgate in main parking lot. “It’s my party” Leslie Gore says! Yea Team!

• Booster Club sometimes brings North clothing, hats, etc. to sell at game.


7. 10/4 Mixer at Emerson Biggins West,  2330 N Maize Rd, #100, 7:00 PM- Midnight

• A casual evening to start the special weekend. We will have assorted party trays during the early part of the evening. Your choice of beverage can be purchased from Biggins.  Our first major gathering. Don’t miss it!

Check-in will be at the door north of the sign marked, Biggins Hall of Games Arcade.  Entering this door will speed up the process.  After 8:30, check-in will be at the front entrance.


8. 10/5 North All School Reunion: General info 8:00 AM-12:00 PM 

• Building Tours/Tower Visits begin at 10:00 AM.  Meet under Butch to join tour.

• To our knowledge, individual tours per class are not scheduled. Plan a time with your best buddies, grab some people from our classroom, or just show up under Butch and see what happens! Lots of good memories in those halls!

• Spouses can participate in building tours.

• Food, drink, North High merchandise (shirts, hats, etc.) sold by various groups in hallway on ground floor.

• North has two Kiva areas where bricks honoring the living and those who are no longer with us are displayed. Ask volunteer for directions. It can be kinda tricky to find.


9. 10/5 Hall of Fame Awards (HOF): 9:30 AM North High Auditorium

• HOF Reception: 10:30 AM, New Library (where Butch used to be).

• Come to either or both events to congratulate our classmate, Barbara Yarnell Chamberlin on her induction into the HOF. Barb was selected for her contributions in the Humanitarian category and for her life-long dedication to our community.


10. 10/5 Classroom: Class of 1969 North All School: 8:00 AM-12:00PM

• We have reserved a classroom where we can all meet, congregate, and hang out Saturday morning. The number of the classroom will be posted in several places as you enter the school. Or just ask a volunteer. They are numerous and eager to help.

• We do not have any memorabilia in classroom to purchase. Clubs and Booster groups will be selling items in the hallway. Orders for class photo taken Saturday night, or can be ordered online. Website for photo orders to be announced. 


11. 10/5 Hotel at Old Town-Conference Center: 7:00PM-Midnight (Check in open at 6:30).

Please Note: We will begin the evening by taking our class photo shortly after 7:00 PM.

• The photos will be followed with a short welcome by the MC, announcements for the evening, dinner, short program and LIVE auction of themed memorabilia tables. Then, lots of visiting and laughing. Will be a blast!

• Dining will be open seating. You can save spots for your friends just not in advance.

• Regarding dress for the evening, the committee has elected to describe our thoughts as “Shoes and Shirts Required!” Which means… just be comfortable. It will be great just to be together!

• There is a no charge parking garage just north of the Hotel. A couple of lots are located straight north and a couple of lots straight south (of 1st Street) from the conference center. Of course, there is street parking but it will be Saturday night and we are hoping for a beautiful evening. Popular area. Could be busy.


12. 10/6 Brunch/Breakfast Sunday morning

• Hotel at Old Town is actually a breakfast buffet served in the atrium area of the hotel. It is open to the public so any of us can go. If we can give them an approximate number of people we think will be attending, they will set up extra tables just for us. The cost is $10.95. Pay the hotel that day.  

• If you would like to go or think you would, please let Janie know so we can give the hotel a heads-up on how many may be attending. Will be nice way to wrap up the weekend.