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Steve Carson

Steve Carson

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07/23/20 02:07 AM #1    

Bruce Quade

I was looking through the North High Memorials and I noticed that Steve Carson has passed away. I also noticed that his page is totally dearth of any comment, remarks or reminiscences. It occurred to me that it is a somewhat sad state of affair that ones life should be represented by a blank page where no one will even stop to remember that you were once here. For this reason I am compelled to write a  short remembrance of Steve.


It was either freshmen or sophomore year at North and Steve and I were seated next to each other In Mr. Moore’s science class. We became friends and often ate together in the cafeteria. I was extremely shy and so I valued each friend I could make. As I was getting ready to go to school one morning I heard a breaking news story on the radio of high school student taking his life by intentionally driving his car into a bridge abutment . It was reported that the student's name as Steve Carson. I was shocked, and flabbergasted. I rode the bus to school thinking the must be some mistake, but when I got there I did not see Steve in his usual haunts and when 4th hour rolled around he was not in science class.  It was true. That day I ate lunch alone. 


When I retuned to go back to class I saw Steve getting books from his locker. I ran over to him and said “Where were you?”


“I had a dental appointment” He replied. 


“I thought you were dead!” I told him about the latest news about the suicide with his name on it which he was unaware of because he was at the dentist. 


Then he said to me,” So that’s why everybody has been giving me funny looks today .”


Steve, somebody remembers you were here. Rest in Peace, Friend.

07/23/20 10:03 AM #2    

Paul Hoyt

Well done, Bruce. Well done. heart

07/23/20 12:15 PM #3    

Karla Roach (Wisdom)

Bruce, I echo Paul's sentiments of a tribute well done! I did not know Steve. Tears of sadness and then laughter came in telling your story. I was able to find bits of an archived obituary indicating Steve passed away September 17, 2010 from cancer. He was a Sergeant in the Air Force.

Thank you for taking time to post your memories of Steve.

07/29/20 09:43 AM #4    

Ron Fortune

Nicely done Bruce.  I didn't know Steve either but I'm sure he was proud to be your friend.  

08/10/20 10:30 AM #5    

Bruce Quade

To all who made the nice comments on the Steve Carson tribute... Thank you.

09/10/20 07:08 PM #6    

Catherine Small (Livingston)

I remember Steve Carson from grade school.  He used to visit the park across the street where my family lived.  I always thought of him as a good friend.  I remember eating cheese curls, as I was walking in the park.  Steve ran up behind me and grabbed a cheese curl out of my mouth.  

I lost track of him over the years.  He was a really nice person, even though he took my cheese curl!

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