War Cry & Pep Assembly




2019 Homecoming Pep Assembly

We were entertained and awed by this wonderful and talented dancer. Click on website below to see the dance.

Wichita North High School 2019 Homecoming Pep Assembly: Native American Dance


The Wichita war dancer is of the Tohono O'Odham and Ponca Nations and has been performing the War Dance for several years. He has a passion for not only performing but educating the people about his culture and its history.

The Wichita War Dancer has traveled across the world and always enjoys the opportunity to share his dance at events.

It is a memorable event to witness his War Dance style. 


Bio from Greg Victors, the Wichita War Dancer

 I’ve been dancing since I was a young child. I was taught my grandparents and elders of my tribe. Some places I’ve been to we’re Australia, China, Indonesia, Japan, Europe and others. It’s been a true blessing. I was always taught to dance for the people. When I dance I dance for the sick, the lost, the hopeless, the poor and all people who may need prayers. I receive blesssings by giving my energy to the dance and people. True blessings. 

FB: Wichita War Dancer 
E: wichitawardancer@gmail.com